Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Yesterday I brought this notebook up to speed, more or less, with a general description of where we are ending with my possibly doubling my shareholders’ investment in me.   We have better, more specific records elsewhere but the lawyers and scientists tell me my own records are important, even though I drive them nuts with my digressions…But I digress…

I am ultimately responsible for leading this project to a successful resolution in two ways.  The first way is in the traditional sense of a team leader, directing the project.  And like I said above, the second way is in providing the raw material for the project, in being effectively the scaffolding on which we are going to build our nano construct.

Our nano construct is of a real life entity (RLE), a Homo Sapiens, me.  It’s a little too difficult to start from scratch in trying to use nano to construct life.  We simply don’t understand all the variables.  But we have plenty of examples of life all around us.   And we copied one of those examples, Jekyll, successfully.

So our next, more complicated (we think!) real life construct (RLC) based on a RLE (me) will involve the same two stages as making Mr. Hyde: first, using nano to build a scaffolding around all the organs, and tissues, and cells, and parts of cells, and parts and other parts, of me.  Then, second, using nano to fill that nano mold, making the positive of me.  So we will end up, if all goes well, with a nano negative me mold and a positive me.

It is exciting to say the least.  The reason why all this works is that a living organism is a regular pattern across space and time, with food and drink and breath providing the raw material and energy, and with DNA providing order and timing  for the organization of the material and for the building and rebuilding (we think), but the order and the timing seems to be a little beyond our understanding, and a little beyond what we think DNA does, so really so much of the body’s working remains shrouded in mystery.  But we do understand it is a pattern, because we constantly replace the raw material in the body, like bricks or mortar in a building as it breaks up or falls out.  The building could be replaced with entirely new matter, new material that is the same as the old, like one brick for another, and we would likely think of it as the same building.  And we are the same way, our food and environment does the same thing, provides our body with the raw material which it can use to replace parts, and so we turn over the material in our body every so often,  depending on the nature of the cells, and nerve cells maybe not ever, entirely new matter replacing the old, yet we still think of ourselves as the same person even though we are new material – because we are the same pattern.  Of course ultimately we can’t replenish it any more and our body fails, the pattern doesn’t work right and we die.

But my point too is that Man’s pattern, like DNA’s function, is nested and recursive, so that Man’s pattern contains its own time for its own rebuilding, and its own schedule for its own rebuilding, and it even rebuilds the functional parts like the mouth and stomach and lungs that deconstruct the food and drink and breath into the material needed for the rebuilding. 

And even though we can’t even understand how all that gets done, in fact like I said above even though we can’t even understand quite how DNA works, we can copy the machine.  In other words, we can, using nano, make a duplicate of the pattern, and using a nano, make the material that is built by the pattern, so even though we can’t make a person new, we need a sperm and egg and, hopefully, love for that, we can make a new copy of a person, by copying everything about a person.

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