Tuesday, July 23, 2013

But then me 2.0 might be better than the me 1.0.   And then I will get jealous of me 2.0 (EVEN THOUGH ME 1.0 CREATED ME 2.0 – LET’S NOT FORGET THAT, 2.0 IN CASE YOU AND I HAVE ISSUES, SHALL WE?)  Like God got jealous of Adam and Eve once they ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil becoming like Him.  But He knew they would, since he knows Man in The Womb.  So He created someone who He Knew was flawed.  Hmmm.
“So, children,”  I remember Father Bleary saying, one day,  “from Jesus to the flood, how come God killed his own creations?”
Maria raised her hand because she was often the first and most prepared.     “He didn’t Father, it was people who killed Jesus.  And God brought the flood because people were evil.”
“But,” the good father said, “Didn’t He make them?  Didn’t He know what they would do?  And is it their fault He made them evil?“
No one, even Maria, said a word.  We didn’t know what Bleary was doing.  We didn’t know what to think.
“What about the people the evil ones hurt and killed before God killed them?”  and he seemed to be looking at me, but I was having trouble focusing.  I had thought that a lot at night at home before they came for me.  Praying that they wouldn’t.  Oh God stop them now, why me, You promised this wouldn’t happen, why me?
And now the priest dropped his voice, “and didn’t Jesus promise no one under His care would hurt or be hurt?  How could that happen?”
And now I was sure he was looking at me.

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