Friday, July 5, 2013

I ended yesterday’s page rather abruptly, in the middle of a thought, and so I should take a moment or two to finish that thought out.  (Will nano copy thoughts?  We think so…)

Since, as I discussed yesterday, we belief life is a pattern in time and space, and mathematics is the science of patterns, we have used mathematics to construct nano, which are the building blocks of the more sophisticated patterns that form life.  A nano particle is like a little teeny mathematical equation made a little teeny bit of matter – but it is so small it isn’t really much matter – nor really much math for that matter.  Just enough to be a building block of matter, and stick onto its neighbor.

Now the dicey thing is that the math isn’t quite as firm as what we might want.  Despite what they taught all of us in school math is riddled with inconsistencies and other problems, but fortunately we don’t really care about that.  All we have to do is restrict our equations, or nano, to the world of matter and within that restricted world they work just fine.   We think.  Kidding, kidding.  Of course they work fine.  Hyde is doing just fine over there isn’t he?

But we really don’t know if everything IS working fine with Hyde -- maybe he has small squeaky mouse fantasies about taking over the world -- and that’s where I come in.  If we can copy me, and have another functioning me, with a mind and everything…

I just hope we capture everything that is me, including the changes programmed into me (or my pattern) to change across time and space too, from when my father’s sperm first fused with my mother’s egg, and my body beginning and growing in the womb, and me growing though baby and child growing into adulthood.  And to finish this, the descent too, that is my pattern including my  downhill slope too (if I’m not taken by accident before although some think a tendency towards accidents is included in DNA.)  And then my pattern destroyed, and my death.

Will my nano me die?

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