Friday, July 26, 2013

ED. NOTE ...

As you can see, the last entry immediately below is pretty intense.  And this is where it gets really intense, because I also found a second series of handwritten notebooks in the same box that started with a post that is a lot like the last entry below.  The handwriting looks almost identical to my non-expert eye between the two series of notebooks, but I believe, as you will no doubt note, the second notebook deserves a separate blog, which according to the spirit of the subject matter, I have called

I have kept up my Internet searching because, as I continue to go through these notebooks, and as you will see (because I confess I have read ahead a little) the technology seems sufficiently advanced enough for there to be some mention somewhere on the Internet, but I still haven't found anything.  If anyone reading this does see something that might constitute some kind of information, please let me know so I can provide the links. 

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