Thursday, July 4, 2013


Or can we?  Is that all a person is?  A pattern in time and space?  I remember Father Bleary (if that was his name, I think it was something else but I don’t remember and that is what we called him) holding forth in our fourth grade religion class.  “Children,” he would say, from behind his large desk to all of us sitting there, in our neat little rows and uniforms before him, “remember you are unique, a child of God and each of you are fearfully and wonderfully made.”  And he would smile, a with his red face and big bloodshot nose.  And sometimes he would look straight at me trying to give me extra assurance I suppose because he knew my family and where I came from and probably guessed some of what I went home to.  But not all of it I am sure.  Not all of it.
I knew he felt sorry for me and probably even liked me because he was a good man of the cloth, retired I guess, which is why he got stuck with us.  But he seemed to like us none the less.   
How do you quantify like?  Or love?  What force or material or whatever will be copied by our nano that will equal love?  And conversely, how do you quantify hate?  What will be copied that will equal my hate?


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