Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I am writing this part on a separate page, directly on a hard surface, so as to leave no imprint on the underlying pages.  I will tear this page out later.  Sometimes it’s good just to write things down for my own purposes and memory that no one else sees because I will tear the pages out.  Without a trace.  That’s also really why I grab whatever to use as my own notebooks.  Without consistent page numbering, specific page numbers, etc. (like real lab notebooks have) I can do what I want and no one knows what was in the notebook. 

And I do have to remember to KEEP ALL THE TORN OUT pages together and not lose them because that could be a real problem.  And I think I will be able to – because I am not as disorganized as I have let the world think.  But I do lose things.  But I tore out all the pages from the last book before I lost it.  I think.

Enough digression.  I want to make sure that I record for my own use my thoughts as closely as I can because afterwards my doppelganger will probably start to change, just like Mr. Hyde probably did, because he will be different, have had different experiences, as soon as he comes to life, at the moment all the nano is in place.  I don’t know the impact those changes may have.  Plus I am thinking that it might be possible, once we get hold of some of those changes, to fine tune my mold, so the next time we make another me (after all the nano mold is reusable) maybe I can make some very small changes in the neurological structure to make a better me if you will.  Like one who doesn’t lose things.  And/or is more efficient.  And/or doesn’t try to do too much.  But at some point that isn’t me.   We can change nano once set, a little, but not much and I am working on code that might allow for even more changes, even once set.  But that code is not developed enough yet, even for tear out pages.  So with nano now I can’t change my nose into an ear, or my penis into something huge, like over twelve inches cause then it would be a foot.  Hahira.

But the changes I am planning on making might be very dicey I think and I want to make real sure I don’t screw them up.  After all I am changing me.  And it might be for the philosophers or priests but at some point changes to me make me no longer me although I guess if I am a physically different entity I am a different me.   I also seem to remember the Pope saying if we even could create Man then we would truly be playing God and God wouldn’t let us.  Somehow. 

Well, maybe it’s pedantry but technically speaking I’m not creating man – just copying him.  Maybe God won’t strike me dead then, and even though I was raised to believe in God and the Pope, my God isn’t the Pope’s God any more.  Maybe I’ll try to find the belief neurons and change those too.


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