Sunday, December 8, 2013


After my depressing sleep and thoughts about purgatory I tried to do some work, to analyze my situation a little more.

I’ve focused on some very particular math to see if we can keep away from forming the entangled quanta – particles have shown to be entangled but we have come in below the particle level.  As I explained before nano are like pieces of math, and if there is some way to create an alternate configuration maybe we can build a new particle out of Mark’s existing particles.  I wonder – I assume he is thinking the same as me still.  He had another week to engage with the world without me but I am not sure that would Mark him (ha-ha get it?) as different from me…and now he is in his box too.  Coming to the same resolution I assume – after all he and I think the same. 

And that is doesn’t really help up solve the current problem.  Two of me.  One of me failed to see the problem and two of us will just double our lacunae.  Rather what’s need is a complimentary person – someone to fill the gaps in what I didn’t see what areas I skipped over.

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